Horse Hoof Balm (125ml)


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Simply Bee Horse Hoof Balm 125ml or 1kg

Daily hoof care is important for your horse’s overall health. Regular visits to the farrier, or bare hoof carer, are just as much a part of your horse’s routine as keeping it in an equine-appropriate environment, feeding and daily hoof maintenance.

If your horse‘s hooves need special care or tend to be brittle, you may want to try products which optimally penetrate the structure of the hoof horn such as our all natural Horse hoof balm.

Clean your horse’s hooves daily and pick out any small stones or other debris. This is best done with a brush. Hoof picks are used a lot too, but care should be taken not to scratch off the healthy horn. In order to stay pliable, the hoof horn must contain just the right amount of moisture. If the hoof horn is too wet, it tends to get soft, wear down faster and there is also a higher risk of developing thrush.

Our Simply Bee horse hoof balm contain anti-bacterial agents, such as Propolis and beeswax. If the hoof horn contains too little moisture, it will become brittle. This can make shodding difficult and may reduce the supporting surface area. If the horse’s hooves are very dry, you should first wet them with water and after allowing them to dry a little, apply our Simply Bee hoof balm which will then prevent loss of moisture.

Pure Ingredients:
Sweet Almond Oil
Lemon-, Patchouli-, Tee Tree Essential oil

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